Our history dates back to 1928

In the 19th century all pigs were slaughtered at the farm and sold to customers in the local community. At the end of the century when Danish tradesmen succeeded in establishing export of Danish pork to Great Britain and Germany, farmers had to gather their pigs in larger quantities, which led to the establishment of regional slaughterhouses.

The first cooperative slaughterhouse was established in 1887 and by 1930 there were 60 cooperative slaughterhouses in Denmark due to the continued success with export of high-quality meat. In 1928 the founding stones to what is known as Tican today were laid.

For many years the primary market of Tican was the Danish home market, particularly to customers in the area where the slaughterhouse is located in Northern Jutland. During the 1990s the international expansion picked up speed, and today our products are exported to several  countries worldwide.

In March 2016 Tönnies bought Tican A/S.

The slaughterhouse in Brørup, the former SBPork, was founded in 1980 by locale butchers. As the company grew significantly over the years, the owners wanted to ensure continued development and therefore agreed with Tönnies in 2005 to take over.

Today SBPork and Tican have merged. Company name is Tican Fresh Meat A/S, and is the danish part of Tönnies Group. The merger provides a solid basis for continued close cooperation with both suppliers and customers. 

A great place to work

We want our quality and efficiency to be improved continually by motivated employees with the right qualifications and with room to take responsibility.

Safety at the workplace is an important focus area and numerous initiatives are constantly undertaken to improve safety.

Training and competence development are high on the agenda

There is an increasing need for improved skills, and greater demands on the employees' efficiency and flexibility, as they face increasingly complex work assignments. Therefore, great importance is attached to raising employees' qualifications throughout Tican. The offers of supplementary training extend from mandatory courses in hygiene, food safety and safety at the workplace to self-selected courses, for instance in languages, reading and writing proficiency and IT.


Reducing environmental impact

It is unavoidable that food production and transporting food products have an impact on the environment. At Tican we wish to constantly reduce our impact on the environment and our consumption of resources. We have therefore been working systematically for several years to reduce our consumption of resources and minimise the impact on the environment from production and distribution.

This can be seen in targeted efforts, where focus has especially centred on reduction of CO2 emissions from electricity consumption.

Other important focus areas are reduction of water consumption and waste water treatment.



Throughout the value chain we retains a relentless focus on quality in products, relations and services. We aim to maintain long-term partnerships with our customers, and the size of the company allows fast and direct communication between the customer and production to ensure fast and efficient deliveries. In close cooperation with the customers we strive to fulfil every wish or requirement to the exact specification be it a new, innovative cut or a standard delivery.

Quality from farm to fork

We have a settlement model which rewards pig producers for healthy pigs with a high meat quality, ensuring a consistently high meat quality in the meat received for slaughter and processing. In this way we are able to guarantee deliveries to the exact specifications as regards meat quality and fat percentage.


Food Safety

As a responsible producer of food, we give top priority to food safety throughout the value chain. In order to meet our own and our customers´requirements, we live up to HACCP systems to optimise food safety right from quality control of the raw material and manufacturing processes to training of the employees in food safety.

Tican hold Grade AA BRC certificate and SBPork hold Grade A BRC certificate.

Compliance with the strictest hygiene requirements

Since we collaborate with some of the world´s most quality-conscious markets, very special demands are placed on hygiene and manufacturing safety. The own-control ensures that we meet the specified requirements for each individual market so that authorisations and certifications can be maintained. Our dedicated quality department and laboratory are responsible for the own-control system.





Tican Fresh Meat A/S hold BRC certificate, Grade AA

View BRC certificate, Tican Fresh Meat, Thisted

View BRC certificate module 11, Tican Fresh Meat, Thisted

SBPork A/S hold BRC certificate, Grade AA

View BRC certificate, SBPork, Brørup

View BRC certificate module 11, SBPork, Brørup


Tican Fresh Meat A/S hold GRMS certificate, level 1

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