Whistleblower scheme for Tican employees

Tican has a whistleblower scheme that offers employees an opportunity to anonymously report any unlawful acts and serious irregularities in the company. Examples of these are serious misconduct and unlawful acts such as bribery, theft, fraud, over/under-invoicing, embezzlement, occupational health and safety or environmental offences.

Employees can report their experiences anonymously without fear of consequences to their employment.

Reporting is done by using the whistleblower portal through the link at the bottom of this page.

The scheme is managed internally by the Head of HR, who is responsible for handling whistleblower inquiries, and who will process the case and engage in dialogue with management.

Legalsys manages the scheme as a data processor. The external anchoring ensures compliance with all regulatory requirements and confidentiality.

You will be notified when your report has been received in the whistleblower scheme, and within 7 days you will be informed whether your report falls within the scope of the scheme. Furthermore, within 3 months from the time the report was submitted, you will be informed either that the case has been closed or receive a justification as to why further processing is necessary. You will not receive information about the outcome of the case.

Please note that you are always welcome to contact HR or your manager as well, in order to inform them of any issues within the organisation that are not as they should be.

link whistleblower portal


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