Skinkeculotte med tomater

A wide pork portfolio

We offers a wide range of pork products to customers in several countries. We take pride in delivering meat that lives up to our customers' expectations all over the world.

With several hundred standard cuts you will almost always find what you are looking for. And if not we will tailor the products to your exact specifications. We deliver fresh meat, frozen meat or vacuum-packed meat.

When buying pork from us you know you get high-quality Danish meat from healthy pigs. We take pride in delivering meat that lives up to our customers' expectations all over the world.


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Relentless focus on quality and food safety

Throughout the value chain we retains a relentless focus on quality in products, relations and services.

One of our goals is to be a global leader in food safety and quality, and efforts to realise this ambition we give top priority. We work actively with HACCP systems to optimise food safety - from quality control of raw materials and production processes to the training of our employees in food safety and efficient management systems.

Proactive approach

Maintaining a proactive approach to quality and food safety, we constantly scan the horizon for new legislative and technological developments that will enable us to set standards and exceed customer expectations. It is not merely a question of checking that the product is satisfactory when it leaves the factory - quality control spans the entire breadth of the company and focuses on all the parameters and processes that affect quality.

Always to the highest standards

As a supplier to the most demanding markets, it is essential that we can always maintain our third country certificates and our other accreditations in general. We do this by having a self-regulation system that ensures that we comply with the demands specified by the individual countries. We have a quality department and a laboratory which are responsible for a self-regulation system that covers everything from cleaning before commencement of production to hygiene control during production, monitoring of critical control points, etc.

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